Our History

Our church was organized on December 6th, 1772. This was three and a half years before the signing of the Declaration of Independence. At the time the church was organized it was meeting near Big Bluestone Creek so they called it Baptist Bluestone Church. In 1800 the church changed locations and around that time the name was changed to Bethel Baptist Church. This church has always been involved in mission work and church planting over the years. It also had a hand in organizing the Virginia Baptist Education Society and helping establish other schools and universities. We are blessed that God has used Bethel Baptist to do his work in the past and we are excited to see how he will continue to use us in the present and into the future!

Some fun history facts  about our church

1853     The church resolved to build a house of worship which they completed the next winter.

1854     The present Church property was obtained and a wooden building was constructed.

1918     The interior of the sanctuary was renovated.

1926     Discontinued the use of oil lamps and gas lamps were installed.

1938     Discontinued use of gas lamps and electric lights were installed.

1947     Four rooms were added to the main building.

1951     The center support in the sanctuary was removed. The old wood stoves were replaced with coal stoves and central heating was installed. Modern pews installed.

1954     The ceiling was lowered using sound -proof blocks, new light fixtures were installed, interior walls of sanctuary were improved.

1956     Five rooms were added, two restrooms were installed (prior to this water was drawn from rock spring south of the present fellowship hall).

1961     The entire wooden structure was covered with a brick veneer. A vestibule and steeple were added.

1966     A second unit of five electric heated classrooms were added.

1967     A parsonage was built on adjoining property north of the church.

1971      Two windows were removed from the back of the rostrum and a modern baptistry was installed replacing the outside baptismal still located in the creek behind the Church.

1975     New lighting (modern hanging brass fixtures and dimming controls) were installed in the sanctuary.

1976     Installation of ceiling tiles and carpet in aisles and pulpit area in sanctuary. Water treatment system was installed at parsonage.

1978     Insulated the church building.

1979     Chair rails were installed in classrooms, seat cushions were installed on pews, central heating and air systmen was installed in the sanctuary. New well dug to replace the old               one and a new pump was installed.

1985     The detached Fellowship Hall was built.

1993     Hailstorm destroyed many windows in the sanctuary and classrooms.  Stain glass windows were installed in the sanctuary. Memorial plates honoring Bethel veterans. Bethel                Brotherhood given permission to build the stew building. 

1996     Installed stain glass windows given by families in the entrance/vestibule.

1999     Playground completed. Pews, communion tables and chairs were refinished and repaired.

2000     New baptistry drapes installed and backing for piano and organ installed.

2001      Added two new classrooms with basement and a metal shed building was donated.

2003     Shed was added to the back of the stew building. Disaster Relief trailer was purchased by Brotherhood. US flag, pole and lights installed.

2004      Virginia Flag and Christian Flag were added to the flag pole.

2005     Shelter for Disaster Relief trailer donated. Seventeen passenger van donated. 

2006     Room renovated for the church library. Work completed and the library opened.


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